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Lorde singing "Sober" for the first time.

On April 13th, 2017, Lorde announced a surprise pre-Coachella gig at the CA restaurant Pappy + Harriet's. Here, she debuted her new songs Sober and Sober (Interlude).[1]


On Twitter on April 13th Lorde told her CA fans to keep watch around 5 PM. Around that time, she revealed a "tiny pre-Coachella gig" to be held at the restaurant Pappy + Harriet's.[2] She also revealed the tickets were only $20. The concert quickly sold out with Lorde only saying QUOTE "ummmmm, holy s--t, you guys just sold that out".[3] At the concert, she said "So I wanna try something that no one knows about yet. I wanna play you something from the new record. It's kind of like one of my favorite things I think I've done. It's a two part song but they're very different. They're what the core of this album is about," to which a fan guessed "Sober", which was correct.[2] She played the song, and she also sang "Sober (Interlude), to which the crowd reacted positively to both songs.


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