Cadburry Creme Eggs is a type of candy that is a favorite of Lorde's.


In a Twitter post Lorde showed a picture with herself eating some Creme Eggs, and also made a parody of "Green Light" as a song about Creme Eggs[1]. This happened when she went on BBC Radio 1's The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw to discuss the recording process for her upcoming sophomore LP, Melodrama, and to further promote its lead single, "Green Light." Nick Grimshaw brought up Creme Eggs, and Lorde dissed American chocolate she had eaten during her country's visit to perform on Saturday Night Live, before marveling in the wonders of London's treat. She then started belting out a parody of "Green Light", singing "waiting for it, that Creme Egg!"[2] -

Lorde and Grimmy's Creme Egg remix of Green Light

Lorde and Grimmy's Creme Egg remix of Green Light


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