by Bleachers
Released February 18, 2017
Length 3:35
Producers Jack Antonoff
Greg Kurstin 
Vince Clarke
Genres Power pop, new wave, alternative rock, indie pop
Label RCA
From Gone Now
Bleachers Singles Chronology
"Entropy" "Don't Take The Money" "Hate That You Know Me"

"Don't Take The Money" is a song by Bleachers. Lorde also features on the song as backing vocals.


The song was written and produced by Jack Antonoff, the sole member of Bleachers, co-written by New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde, and co-produced by Greg Kurstin and Vince Clarke. Antonoff and Lorde wrote the song in 2016 during a "late night in the studio", and it developed from a demo they had recorded together. Lorde provides uncredited backing vocals on the final track. Antonoff explained the phrase "don't take the money" as one that he repeats to help himself remained focused, and that it "has nothing to do with actual money. It means to follow the light. Don’t ignore a gut feeling".[1]

On March 30, 2017, Antonoff made a post on Twitter telling fans to go to Union Square, Manhattan for new music. Several piñatas resembling Antonoff, along with bats to beat the piñatas with, were scattered throughout the area. The piñatas each contained a flash drive labeled with the song's title and containing the track, and the single was officially released later that day through RCA Records.[2] A 12" record release of the single will also feature an acoustic version of the track as a B-side. The record is limited to 500 copies and will be pressed to orange vinyl. It is set to be released on June 30, 2017, through the Bleachers webstore

Writing and Composition

The song was reportedly written by Lorde, while she also provides backing vocals.

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