"Heartlines" is a song by BROODS for their album "Conscious". It was written by Lorde.


Writing and Composition

"Heartlines" is a midtempo synthpop song written by Georgia and Caleb Nott of Broods with Lorde and Joel Little. The song employs a "pulsing" electronic beat and a "slow, tantalizing build," while Georgia's vocals have been described as "smokey" and similar in cadence to co-writer Lorde. Lyrically, "Heartlines" explores the "uneasy emotional territory" that goes along with a long-distance relationship. "It's about the person you're into living on the other side of the world," Georgia told Rolling Stone Australia, "Every time you see them it's amazing but it's never enough to fully invest yourself."


Critical Reception

Tim Forster of Exclaim! cited "Heartlines" as a "pleasing moment" from Conscious in a mixed review of the album, writing, ""Heartlines" ... smoothly [executes] an ambiguous neither-major-nor-minor sentiment." The staff of music blog Popmatters gave the song an average rating of 6.25, based on four reviews. "Broods' Georgia and Caleb Nott may not be the most distinctive dance-rock architects in the contemporary arena," writes Pryor Stroud in one of the more complimentary reviews, "but they know how to engineer an unimpeachable synthpop anthem. ... With "Heartlines", [sic] they continue to showcase this deft sense of sonic craftsmanship."

Commercial Reception

"Heartlines" did not enter the New Zealand Singles Chart from Recorded Music NZ, but did debut and peak at number 3 on the New Zealand Heatseekers Chart, which ranks the top 10 songs that have not yet entered the Official Top 40 chart, for the week of 20 June 2016. The same week, it debuted at number 5 on the New Zealand Artists chart.

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