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Lorde's dancing is one of mass media debate and discussion, many comments on her strange, "exotic" movements.


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Lorde dancing at the 2017 MTV VMAs. Her performance received many positive comments.

Lorde has endured many troll comments and hate surrounding her dancing. Many have deemed it "demonic" and "exotic", with others scrutinizing it completely. Lorde explained she was ok with this in an interview saying "I guess I've always been a pretty 'dance to the beat of my own drum' type person.  I was always that kid in the neighborhood who'd wear these crazy outfits...dancing to [music] walking down to the street."[1] Previosuly, she responded to trolls after her performance on SNL saying "one day i will do a normal dance choreographed by a nice person and I will look more like your other favourite performers but we have not yet reached that day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯." [2]

Positive responses

Although her dancing has received much scrutiny, some people look at her dancing as the complete opposite of strange. A journalist on The FADER wrote an article on Lorde's dancing, saying she should be celebrated for it.[3]


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