If you wish to file a complain contact any of the admins and follow these instructions.


Before reporting read these simple rules:

  • You should only file true reports. Any false reports of issues will result in action being taken.
  • You will not archive or remove any information from any report.
  • You are encouraged to provide links when an issue's original report does not contain needed ones.
  • You should attempt to refrain from posting duplicate reports by checking prior to making a report to see if an issue is already awaiting an admin's attention.
  • Reports on issues from the Chatroom must be accompanied by a Screenshot of the incident.

Filing a complaint:

  • After the above rules, file a complaint if you have one on any of the admins talk pages/message boards.
  • We will respond within a span of 24 hours. If we do not respond within 48 hours you have permission to send it again.
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