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The Lorde Wiki follows a manual of style to maintain uniformity and clarity. All articles should fit these proper layout guidelines. Skeptical editors should consult staff-members for questions.



Heading 1 - Background

Sub-heading 1 - Writing and Composition

Heading 1 - Reception

Sub heading 1 - Critical Reception

Sub heading 1 - Chart Performance

Heading - Music Video

Sub heading 1 - Background : Includes the background of the music video

Sub heading 1 - Synopsis : Includes the synopsis of the music video

Heading - Live Performances

Heading - Lyrics

Note: For all songs not singles and/or promotional singles, the sections "Reception" and "Music Video" will most likely be omitted, unless sustainable information is present.

Album/Extended Play:

Heading 1 - Background : Includes the background of the LP/EP

Sub heading 1 - Composition and writing : Includes the production of the LP/EP, the recording of the LP/EP, the overall theme of the LP/EP (for example, the Melodrama article follows this) and the basic genres of the LP/EP

Heading 1 - Track list : Includes the track list of the songs. Link all songs.

Heading 1 - Reception

Sub heading 1 - Critical Reception : Includes the critical reception of the LP/EP from music critics

Sub heading 1 - Chart Performance  : Includes the chart performance of the LP/EP

Note: For articles such as "Melodrama" some sections may be included if felt necessary, such as "Color Coding" and "Album Art".


Heading 1 - Background of relationship with Lorde : Includes the background of their relationship with Lorde.

Heading 2 - Background of (insert persons name here) : The background of the person the article is based on

Note: DO NOT use personal/private information.

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