This page contains a policy of the Lorde Wiki. Editors should review these guidelines prior to editing articles.

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The following policies for this wiki are as follows:

DO NOT.....

  • Post anything irrelevant to Lorde. Articles like this will immediately be deleted.
  • Delete any information on any existing article.
  • Use any photos or media without permission.
  • Harass any members of this wiki.


  • Contribute to the wiki in the right way.
  • Follow the rules and respect them.
  • Update this wiki regularly.
  • Cite information. Not everything must be referenced, but it is preferred.

How to Contribute the Right Way

How to edit the LordeWiki in the right way is very simple, you just need to follow these easy and simple rules:

  • As said above, it is preferred you cite information. It is not mandatory you add links to the reference, but you can. It is also not absolutely to add cites, but for a reliable community, we expect you to.
  • Update regularly! We want a very reliable wiki for up-to-date information. If something already added is contradicted, please remove it immediately.
  • Follow the article layout. For reference of this layout, see Lorde Wiki:Editing Rules.
  • As said above, do not add articles irrelevant to Lorde. All pages on this wikia are expected to correlate to Lorde and no one else.

User-page policy

You are only allowed to edit a user's page if you are:

  • Fixing something.
  • Adding something that they requested.
  • Taking down something that is against the wiki's policies.


See Image Policies.

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