"Lorde in Colour" is a promotional clip where Lorde explains her synesthesia. It was uploaded to her VEVO account on May 11, 2017.


The video shows shots of Lorde in a dark setting with colors shining on her. Lorde narrates the video, revealing what it's like to have synesthesia.


"For a long time I assumed everybody had a color for each day of the week, or for all their friends' names. And then you realize that, no you're just weird and that's your own thing. The work that I do is very much a reflection of the inside of my brain. Whether it's the fine tuning, the weird ____ going into a chorus or making sure that the weird that I'm coloring in the video is the type of weird that I would like. Not too orange..but warmer..but more blue. All those things are so important to me and help make me feel like I'm building this kind of world for my songs to live in.

I'm very grateful that music is a visual thing for me, it feels so multi-dimensional in such a cool way. To experience a piece of music and have this image swirling around you, you know you pick a chord and all of a sudden there's this flood of a different color, or a different texture. It's exciting and it's strange and it makes everything feel a little more vivid. There's definitely moments when I'm like, 'I just want to listen and not see everything', because there are definitely some sounds which are overwhelmingly visual with it's ___ or a color, and it's like 'oh, it's too much.' My relationship to color has changed in the last couple of years I think, everyone can relate to like being seventeen and being like 'my favorite color is grey', and this record is very intense color wise, and i love that is because I was listening to olds music, when i would go out at night. It was informing what we were doing in the studio. So a lot of those evening colors, you know this bright just kinda colored lights leaked into the music cause wow. It's definitely strange territory to me, to be existing in this fluorescent world. It was surprising to find myself there but also kind of nice. I think i was getting a bit sick of everything being black."


Lorde - Lorde in Colour (Vevo Originals)

Lorde - Lorde in Colour (Vevo Originals)