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Unreleased song by Lorde
Released Unreleased
Recorded March of 2013
Length 0:45 (Snippet)
Producers Joel Little
Genres Unknown
Label None
From Unreleased track from Pure Heroine
Unreleased Chronology
"Good Fights" "Lost Boys" "Sway"

"Lost Boys" is an unreleased song by New Zealand singer Lorde. It is most likely a scrapped song originally meant for Pure Heroine.


Lorde shared the song of Tumblr saying:

"found this little guy whilst trawling through my archives and thought it would be a cute thing to share with y’all. we wrote this song called lost boys in about march of last year, we spent a day on it and then never touched it again (it was not a good song, i promise, haha). a lot of people asked what happened to lost boys, and i guess you’ll never hear the other three-quarters of the song, but there was something about these bridge melodies i thought was pretty. so here you go - a little pre-christmas look at the cutting room floor. xo
ps. sorry for shitty iphone quality :~)

It is doubtful this song will ever be released, as Lorde previously stated.


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These lyrics have not been confirmed by the singer of this song. Please do not assume lyrics are official.

It's time to let the lost boys take you in

It's getting cold out
You let yourself down
So please don't go out
You're looking dead behind the eyes

We'll stay at your house
Watch all those late shows on TV...
I like it best when you're in here with me

And all the lost boys
We make a picture perfect team
Bruising sidewalks
With all the drumming of our feet
And boy, I promise
We'll never ever let you leave
Never let you leave