The Melodrama Booklet is encased inside the physical CD for Melodrama.

Thank You Note

"I’m in bed writing this, as often I am. The rain is coming soon. Melodrama is finished and by the time you read this. It won’t be mine anymore, but yours. It’s been two years of breathlessness and hunger – a new sound, a new scene; a drink, a drumbeat. I swallowed and wrote and walked and waited. I hope you listen for every breathe and broken heartstring. I have a few to thank, without whom this record would probably have gotten the better of me. To my family – mum, dad, jerry, India and Angelo, for being selfless and loving and always keeping it real. You are the wrecking crew of my dreams. To New York, for showing me. I’ll never forget the year we spent together – the frozen walks down into the subway, the August drives across the Brooklyn Bridge; electric lady, the flame diner, the waverly inn, that hotel room window overlooking Carnegie Hall – Thank you. To Ron for your energy, Jonathan for your wisdom, Alex for your giant heart. To Hassan, Karla, and Theo for your eyes. To Sam, for this gorgeous painting that feels just like the inside of my brain. To Jack, for being the best album partner a kid from New Zealand could ask for. All the hours at the house, the sanctity of us and the piano; the long talks and barefoot walks (me) and broken bread and gigantic amounts of love. You’re my sibling now. To Laura, shoot me when I miss their birthdays, thank you. To Duncan and Niki – for the family hangs, the late night facetimes halfway across the world, the endless love and support. It’s “mint”. To my pal for the dinners, the dances, and the drives. And most importantly, to you. For waiting, for still being here. It’s the great honour of my life, whispering these secrets into your ear. Melodrama forever."

Booklet Photos

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