The Onion Ring Scandal refers to an incident when it came out Lorde had a secret Instagram dedicated to rating onion rings.  


An Instagram named "onionringsworldwide", dedicated to rating onion rings, was exposed as a secret Instagram profile run by Lorde by Newshub after it was abruptly shut down after questions they sent.

Some of the immediate clues were

  • The Followers. The Instagram account was followed by a total of 24 users. Some of them being Justin Warren, Jimmy Mac and Maddy Budd - her friends and associates -, and Lorde herself, who reportedly was the lastest follower. The profile was following no other account.
  • The Locations. The other clue was the location of the posts. The first onion ring was consumed on a plane from Tennesee to New York, - and coincidently, Lorde was Bonaroo festival in Tennesee around that exact time -, and the photo was posted on Tuesday morning, NZ time. The other onion rings were tasted in Sydney, New York and Hatfield, which is two hours south of New York. Also, there are Hatfields, the other being north of London. A Twitter user pointed out that Lorde played at Radio1's Big Weekend on Saturday, the 27th of May in Yorkshire. The review was posted the day after.
  • The Language.  If you read the captions, some of them seem QUOTE "Lorde-ish", such as the caption "Tempura onion ring eaten ceremoniously on a plane from Tennessee to New York." Another point being that  the outside-US spelling of "flavor", with a u, was used. 
  • The Fingers. When you compare the fingers in some of the posts to Lorde's fingers, you have an immediate connection.

Later, on Jimmy Fallon, Lorde confessed to running the Instagram account.



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